Heal, Cleanse, and Thrive With 51 Little-Known Lemon Tricks

Written by Suzi Smart , One day ago

Let me ask you a question:

How many times have you felt ill, tired, or grouchy, then reached for a packaged ‘solution’ at the grocery store, and thought…

Am I doing this all wrong?

Your great-grandparents didn’t have energy drinks or Sudafed, and they turned out well enough to make your grandparents.

What makes our generation any different?

Store-bought solutions are not only expensive, they’re often bogus. How often has a shiny package under-delivered on all the marketing gobbledygook?

Your ancestors bootstrapped their way to better health, and they didn’t spend $3500 a year on skin creams, pills, “skinny teas,” or DVD workout programs.

They used whatever was available, and there’s one fruit that’s so available that you expect restaurants to give it to you for free.



Don’t let their status as a garnish deceive you. Lemons were a superfruit before the word “superfruit” existed. In Ancient Rome, they were a symbol of status and wealth, and known for their healing powers, including:
  • Soothing digestion
  • Supporting balanced blood sugar levels
  • Improving skin clarity and reducing dandruff
  • Keeping away disease-spreading mosquitoes
  • Boosting energy (lemons support healthy iron levels, but the Romans didn’t know that!)

Alternative Daily’s researchers spent over 7 months researching, testing, and compiling a list of the most simple and effective uses for lemons. It makes us proud to present The Secret Lemon Fix, the single best resource of time-tested ways to use lemons for health and happiness.

You’ll even learn why lemons are ESSENTIAL for anyone who wants to overcome one of the most prevalent health issues in Western society.

(HINT: it has to do with our quick-and-convenient diet.)

With The Secret Lemon Fix on your bookshelf, you’ll be surprised at how often you turn to these little yellow miracles to solve everyday problems.

The Secret Lemon Fix includes 51 DIY recipes, including…

  • A daily detox drink that doesn’t taste like hot garbage
  • A delicious morning cocktail that delivers a heap of  heart-helping antioxidants
  • An all-natural insect repellant that actually smells good
  • A quick shot that you can take any time you want smooth, painless digestion
  • Waking up better-rested, and with less anxiety, than you ever could by taking a sleeping pill

You’ll learn how to use every single part of the lemon to get a happier mind, healthier body, and more welcoming home - just like your grandparents would!

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